X1 broke the record of the fastest 1st win on a music show.



Produce X 101’s top 11, under the group name X1 made their debut on august 27th of this year and on September the 1st; they had their 1st win ever on the Korean program ‘The show’.


These boys had their first win only after just 5 days of their debut, breaking the previous record that was held by the boy group Winner with a one-day difference.


The Korean Oneits; X1’s fans, were the ones who announced their win on Twitter; since Sunday’s episode was a special one filmed on a Korean city named Pohang. The show wasn’t aired neither on TV nor on the internet, but the transmission was on September the 3rd on SBS.

Here is X1’s first win video on YouTube.

And just after posting the video bellow on Twitter, people started congratulating them and started trending the hashtag #Flash1stWin worldwide on the blue bird app.



The special MCs of that episode were Astro’s Yoon Sanha, NCT’s Jeno and Chenle and finally Song Yuvin who was really happy for their win since he was also a participant on produce X 101.



X1 had their debut show-con on Go Cheok Sky Dome on August the 27th, 2019. With an amount of 20 000 fans attending the concert and 5M views on the V live app.

On The same Day, they released their 1st mini Album “비상: QUANTUM LEAP”, with a total of 7 songs. In less than a week, they were able to have more than half a million sells; which makes them one of the strongest rookies of this year.


Also, the title song ‘Flash’ has currently more than 30M views and all of that happened just in 8 days.


X1 is known for having members who debuted before on other groups like VICTON’s Han Seungwoo, UNIQ's Cho Seungyoun also known as Woodz or Luizy and UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok or Wooshin. It has also some members who were on survival shows before like Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon.


The group is indeed a full package, it has all-rounders, great vocals, rappers, dancers and producers; without forgetting their powerful visuals. They really deserve all of these achievements.


Congratulations X1, for having the 1st win and being considered as Half Million Sellers during the 1st week of promotions. We’re excited to know the new things that they will achieve soon in the future!


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