TWICE's concept spectrum between delicate and daring



We are always delighted to see JYP Entertainment’s darling girl group TWICE, who came to be on October 20, 2015 through the competition reality show SIXTEEN, and are known for their lively and darling concepts.

Their debut started with the title track “Like Ooh-Ahh,” a dance song with hip-hop, rock, and R&B beats. Their concept was truly remarkable that year, as they gave a distinctive image of cute girls with a sense of control. In no longer than a one-month period, their MV, was able to surpass 100M views on YouTube.

Looking for a cheerful music with cheerleaders? here is “Cheer Up” for you. Although cheerleading was the common thing between the nine members, we could all see that each of them has a different aura represented in the MV; according to how fans viewed them, from the cute shy girl to the badass girl. With that, we can always recall the famous line of the song “Shy, shy, shy”.



On their next comeback, even the title was catchy, “TT” means a crying face, or expressing sadness. And again, with different costumes for Halloween, TWICE dressed up as totally dissimilar characters. Sometimes acting as adorable ghosts, and other times getting in the characters they appeared as.



With supreme powers, TWICE made a comeback on May 15, 2017 with the title track “Signal”. Once more, they introduced a school-themed MV, where they were confessing their feelings sending signs and signals and wondering why there was no response from their significant other. They even featured an alien in the MV!

And if you want a song to dance to on summer nights, give “Dance the night away” a listen. With their fresh looks, TWICE slayed the concept of a beach party. Still, theories about the MV were a bit shocking, saying that some of the girls were already dead, meaning that they were ghosts in party mode. Indeed, nothing can stop TWICE!



Finally, with the group’s latest track “FANCY”, we witnessed a great transformation from the usual image that was initially built for TWICE. They became more mature and grown; from the way they were dressed to the whole concept of the MV and the dance moves.

You there, I fancy you, I don’t want anyone” this was the catchy part in the song, giving the whole meaning behind the story, where TWICE are confessing their love again, but this time promising not to let go of their special and beloved someone.

Are you a TWICE fan? Which TWICE conept is your favorite?

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