TRAxX bid SM Entertainment farewell



As of April 30, various industry insiders stated that TraxX’s exclusive contract with SM Entertainment has come to an end. Members Jungmo and Jay decided then to leave the agency after 15 years of activity.

SM Entertainment sources explained “The exclusive contracts of TraxX’s Jay and Jungmo recently expired. Please show a lot of support for the paths they will be walking on in the future.”

Jay and Kim Jungmo have met many people for the past 15 years as they pursued solo and group activities.

Jay starred in the drama 'President', 'The Way to the Airport', 'Andante', 'TV novel wave surf', the musical 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Love in the Rain'.

The band debuted in 2004 with the name The TRAX (Their name is an acronym of "Typhoon Rose Attack Xmas", which were also used as the members' stage nickname.), Typhoon Jay as the leader and vocals, Rose Minwoo on the drums, Attack Jungwoo on the bass, and Xmas Jungmo as a guitarist, were SM Entertainment’s first ever rock band.



They debuted with the song “Paradox” on July 2004 and had their first concerts days after their debut, on July 26 and July 31.

On May 10, 2006, drummer Minwoo left the band. The remaining three members released their first full-length album "First Rain" on July 20 and shortly afterwards, Jungwoo left, following his former labelmate.

The four-member band became a duo and changed the name to TRAX. Jay and Jungmo went on hiatus in 2012 due to mandatory military service. In July 2015, TRAX returned after a three-year break.

On March 2018, TRAX changed their name to TraxX, announcing the addition of the DJ and producer GINJO to the group and that they would transform their music genre from Rock to EDM. TraxX then released the single "Escape", an all-English song, which was their first release since their recent group rearrangement.

Following their departure from SM, Jay and Jungmo both took to Instagram where they shared a friendly picture with Lee Soo Man and expressed their thoughts regarding the past couple of decades they have spent under SM and how they're thankful for all the love they received so far and hope for fans' continuous support as they will continue to work hard in the future.



We wish Jay and Jungmo good luck as they embark on their new musical journey.

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