Unfortunately it seems that the k-pop boyband HONEYST are going to disband after two years of activity together as a group.


Yesterday, on April 26th, FNC Entertainment wrote an official statement regarding the disbandment of the band:
"The members of HONEYST looked for different ways to carry out activities together, but there were differences in opinion between the members and how to manage the team. After a long discussion, the decision was made for the group to officially disband. From now on, Seo Dongsung, Kim Chulmin, Kim Hwan, and Oh Seungseok will no longer promote as members of HONEYST, but as individuals in fields like music and acting."



The four members where a part of FNC Entertainment's trainee system called “NEOZ SCHOOL” and they started on MNET's survival show called d.o.b (dance or band) as “NEOZ BAND” for a chance to debut, while competing against the other trainees who were the DANCE competitors. Unfortunately NEOZ BAND lost against NEOZ DANCE who after the show debuted as the k-pop group SF9.
In May 2017, FNC Entertainment announced that the four members would finally debut as HONEYST (a combination of honey + artist, a band that would follow the acoustic vibe).
They debuted with the song “Like You” on May 17 and on November 22 they released their second single “Someone to Love”.



The disbanding news chocked the band's fans who were wainting for their comeback l, but a few of them already knew they would last because there aren't a lot of “bands” in South Korea that are together for a lot of time, although some are quite famous overseas (more famous than in South Korea itself).
Some fans hope they would still follow the acoustic path together and regroup as a new band.

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