South Korean Women protesting about the dismissing of the request for Seungri’s arrest last Tuesday



Last Tuesday, the Korean court dismissed request for Seungri’s arrest over charges including prostitution in the snowballing sex scandal of ‘Burning Sun’.
Justifying that with this simple sentence “This case is never just about celebs.” And that cases of this type are known in Korea and anywhere else, and not only normal people can be involved in them, but even celebrities.
Korean netizens were extremely furious after hearing the news, and this time they didn’t stop at the comment sections but took it into action, holding protests against the court’s unjust decision.
Saying that in South Korea there is no laws of rich is powerful, and they should protest and express their anger on the streets. but still, we can tell that when money and power speak, truth and justice keep silent.


It also criticized the fact that the various crimes that took place on the stage of ‘Burning Sun Club’ were caused by the support and acquiescence of public power, but that it was not enough to identify the responsible person and the involved ones. They claimed that this is a threat to the safety of women and their lives. 

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