"Running Man" producers apologize for recent plagiarism incident



After a previous plagiarism incident that happened a while ago based on the Japanese variety show “VS. Arashi,” “Running Man” was once again under fire for plagiarizing Naver’s popular Webtoon “Money Game.”

On the latest episode of “Running Man” which aired on April 28, many acts that have been performed during the broadcast appeared to be very similar to the Webtoon, such as the race in which the cast members were put in a studio and given money to spend as a group, which drove Naver to take legal action against this act of plagiarism.

Naver stated that SBS has only apologized to the Webtoon side over the phone, while they requested an official written apology. On the other hand, the writer of the Webtoon didn’t receive an apology either. Due to the lack of response, Naver is looking into taking legal action against the plagiarism incident.



Bae Jin Soo, the writer of "Money game" expressed his embarrassment regarding the obvious similarities of the entire set up, and he was upset that SBS hasn’t contacted him about it prior to using the concept in the episode.

In response to the situation, the producers of “Running Man” eventually wrote an official statement where they mentioned that “Running Man” indeed referred to the Webtoon and rearranged the concept to fit the setting of the variety show. They also stated that they are fans of “Money Game” which inspired them to set up the race accordingly. They concluded their statement with a formal apology towards Naver Webtoon and writer Bae Jin Soo for not asking for permission prior to using the idea.

This recent incident has divided opinion among “Running Man” fans. Some say it was mere coincidence, others say it was done on purpose.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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