Park Bom serenades with her new release “4:44” featuring MAMAMOO's Wheein

Park Bom is back once again!

On May 2, 2019, Park Bom made her first comeback this year with a repackaged album called “re: Blue Rose” which features her collaborative title track “4:44” alongside MAMAMOO’s vocalist Wheein. On top of her first releases that were part of her first single album “Spring,” the repackage also contains a reggae version of her previous title track “Spring” featuring Sandara Park, and a ballad version of the same song featuring her older sister Park Go Eun.

The music video for “4:44” features a melancholic vibe that still suits the Spring season, where it serves as the counterpart for the “Spring” music video. Park Bom’s strong vocals and Wheein’s soothing sound perfectly shape up the soulful song, which gives us a sense of comfort and serenity as we attentively listen to the melodious lyrics.



This collaboration pleased many fans who cheer on both artists, yet, Wheein is perhaps the happiest fan of them all. As a matter of fact, both artists took to their official Instagram accounts to voice their thoughts about this much-anticipated collaborative work.

Wheein stated that Park Bom has been her first and last idol when she was young, and that realization alone left her in awe. She also revealed that she got very emotional about becoming a singer, and that taking part in a song with Park Bom who was her role model left her with a mix of positive feelings that she cannot put into words. She also hyped the new release and urged her fans to give it a listen.



Likewise, Park Bom shared her piece where she wondered if she could possibly be a role model one day, and that Wheein's post made her feel honored about being considered as such. She also cheered on Wheein and MAMAMOO and hoped to work again with her in the future.



Park Bom is making sure to leave her print all over 2019, and she promised the public that this won’t be her last release. She is working hard to produce more music, and she expressed her wishes to release a variety of albums, including mini albums.

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