Netizens criticize TWICE's Sana for hinting at Japanese nationalism on recent Instagram post



On April 30, TWICE’s Sana posted an update on the group’s official Instagram following the abdication of the Japanese Emperor Akihito who retired and passed the reign to his son, Naruhito. She voiced her thoughts saying that "As a person born in Heisei era, today felt lonely, but I tried my best. Let's make the last day of this era a clean day and have a fresh start."



The idol's post stirred major controversy and had Netizens divided into two parties. Some of them sided with Sana, arguing that she did not directly mention anything about the abdication of the Japanese Emperor and she was simply sharing her feelings with her fans.

Others pointed out that the abdication of Japan’s Emperor is related to Japanese nationalism, which shouldn’t be mentioned on TWICE’s social media.

Fans flooded her with comments right away on that post showing anti-Japanese sentiment. Others commented their discontent on Naver.

  1. [+603, -89] The Emperor was a symbolic representation of the war crimes. Does she really want to confess her feelings on his abdication while working in Korea? It hasn't even been that long since the 100th anniversary of the independence movement. This Japanese needs to go home.
  2. [+267, -32] I think it was careless of her to post this but what I'm more surprised about is how her agency is handling this. They are deleting comments of criticism in live time instead of deleting the post itself. It seems like they're trying to keep Japan happy.
  3. [+75, -11] Ah seriously ㅡㅡ Please stop casting Japanese members ㅡㅡ Do we really not have any other trainees? Let's just keep our advancements to the US ㅡㅡ K-Pop is past the point of considering being successful in Japan any feat ㅡㅡ Why do we keep using members from a controversial, unapologetic country and causing controversies like this?
  4. [+68, -7] Did she have to post this on her official Korean account...? The Korean members were too scared of the Japanese to even post anything on 3.1 Independence Day, the least she could do is be considerate of the fact that she's working in Korea right now... What does this make her Korean members?
  5. [+55, -8] Sana has both Korean and Japanese accounts, it's funny that she wrote this on her Korean account. I don't think reactions would be this bad if she had written it on her Japanese account. The majority of her Korean fans can't read Japanese so why did she post in Japanese on her Korean account...



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