Myongji University students opposing IKON’s attendance to the festival



After the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal, it seems that YG Entertainment’s reputation is likely more tainted, alot more than expected.

IKON was one of the groups that were meant to perform at ‘2019 Myongji University Festival’. But surprisingly, students of the university protested on their attendance to their campus festival. 

It was not expectedby them to make such a protest, especially that IKON had nothing to do with that shocking scandal of Seungri.

But still, students insisted that inviting IKON the festival might be taken as an indirect act to encourage the crimes that were committed by their senior and controversial agency.

In their protest, it was written that IKON are involved with Burning Sun.

They said: "Yang Hyun Suk is undergoing investigation for tax evasion. So, the student government must reflect on how they proceeded the festival without checking."

There was no official response from YG Entertainment, as their scheduled event is still up to date tomorrow the 15th May.

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