LOONA promote diversity with their latest release “Butterfly”



LOONA are one of the hottest girl groups in the K-pop industry at the moment. Known for their unique concept, these ladies have been in the spotlight way before their debut. We have all witnessed the group’s formation which went in the opposite direction to the usual musical progress we’re used to in the K-pop industry; as each member was revealed via an individual release first, then sub-units were introduced later on, until the group was finally complete.



Through their sophisticated aura, the 12 members had quite the impact on the K-pop community. LOONA stans, commonly known as orbits, are perhaps one of the most passionate fandoms out there. Prior to their official debut, they fervently held an international movement called “Stan LOONA” that reached out social media users who have never even heard of K-pop before, and only had their first taste of the musical genre while discovering LOONA.



For a girl group who has been making music since October 2, 2016, they sure have a rich discography that makes the perfect playlist for those of you who prefer listening to delicate sounds.

On their most recent comeback on February 19, 2019, LOONA surprised the fans with an inspirational track with empowering visuals that served as its music video. As you listen to “Butterfly,” you can’t help but be immersed with a powerful positive energy that encourages you to spread your wings, test your strength, and go beyond your limitations for the sake of making your dreams come true. The teaser was filmed in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, and introduces a whole new chapter to “All the LOONAs around the world.”



The music video was shot in France, Hong Kong, China, the United States, Iceland and Korea in order to capture the essence of female representation worldwide. Coming from different countries, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and religions, these seemingly ordinary ladies exude an extraordinary presence that makes them proudly embrace who they are, as we all should.



The butterfly effect, which is the main theme of this musical piece, stands for the idea that a small change at some point can lead to a much bigger impact later on, thus underlining an essential cause and effect relationship. In BlockBerry Creative’s words, LOONA “causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence is another LOONA.”


What do you think of LOONA’s latest release?

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