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15% is a South Korean duo, who consists of two young girls: Park Jimin and Baek Yerin. They debuted in 2012, under the label, JYP Entertainment, with the single ‘’I Dream’’, released in October 5th of that year. Their name has a true meaning: it’s the combination of the duo’s age when they debuted and the ‘’&’’ symbolizes the success they want to achieve in the future.

The audition process was diferent to each of the girls. Park Jimin won the talent show, ‘’K-pop Star’’, in 2012, and, like any other winner at the show, she had to pick one major label out of the three possible choices (JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment or SM Entertainment) to be signed with, in that same year. She, eventually, chose JYP Entertainment. Baek Yerin had a regular audition like any other kid who wants to become a K-Idol. In 2008, she auditioned with the song, ‘’Listen’’, by the famous singer, Beyoncé Knowles. However, she was already known as the R&B genious on the TV Series, ‘’Star King’’, when she was just ten years old. Baek Yerin trained for four years until she debuted along with Park Jimin, as 15&, off course.
Overall, the duo has one album and a total of four singles. ‘’I Dream’’ was their first official single and they promoted it with performances on SBS Inkigayo and in some high schools, aswell.
Their second single is titled, ‘’Someday’’, and was released in late March of 2013. The song managed to peak in some music charts, such as, Olleh, Melon, Daum, among others. They promoted the track on the finale of the talent show, ‘’K-pop Star 2’’.
Their third single is called, ‘’Can’t Hide It’’, and was released on the day 13 of April 2014. Like they did on the last time, the duo’s comeback stage was during the finale of the talent show, ‘’K-pop Star 3’’.

The track preceded the album, named, ‘’Sugar’’, which was released in the 26th of May. ‘’Sugar’’ is a ten-song CD, which included all their previous singles plus brand new tracks.


They released the fourth single Love Is Madness on February 8, 2015 but the group is now on hiatus sine 2016.

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