Former Idol caught bad-mouthing nowadays’ idols, saying that they are frigging ugly



The former member of Sechkies; Kang Sung Hoon, was filmed talking to some fans. He first said that he wanted to be taller, but then, he started saying awful things about other idols and criticizing their appearances and outer looks.
He said that they look frigging ugly when he meets them at celebrity salons. He added that they have ‘dirty skin’ and not even competent to be idols with their looks.
He even stated the boy group BTOB who he met lately; not talking directly about it, but literally in the video that was spread around, he told the fans “are all definitely ugly. When I produce my own idols, I'm going to choose them based on their looks.”
What made netizens angrier is that he talked sarcastically, showing his narcissistic attitude.
You can see it all in this video here.
Kang Sung-hoon, who does not perform any other activities, was not immediately aware of the reason for the sudden release of public statements.



The YouTube channel, which made their video debut for the first time, has uploaded a video requesting the explanation of Kang Sung-hoon, who unilaterally canceled Taiwan fan meeting in the past.

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