FNC announces the departure of AOA's Mina



AOA’s Mina will be leaving the group after a long discussion with FNC Entertainment.

According to the statement that FNC Entertainment released on their official fan café today; on the 13th May, saying: "We have decided to respect Mina’s decision to end her contract and leave the group, after a long and careful discussion with her.”

After the departure of Youkyung, ChoA, and now Mina, AOA will be performing as a five-member group and persuade their career activities together.



Their agency stated relating to this: “The five members of AOA agreed to renew their contracts and maintain the team as is out of their love for their fans.

The remaining five members of AOA have signed their contracts to continue their activities as a unit.

The relation between FNC Entertainment and AOA throughout the seven years was built with trust and belief, that’s why we are fully willing to support the members and their decisions.

As long as we are asking you to support Mina’s choice to leave the group and follow her dreams."


And here are some Netizens' comment regarding the topic:

1.    [+368, -21] They flopped after ChoA left.

2.    [+237, -27] Seolhyun is really dumb ㅡㅡ why would she renew with them? The celebrity industry is all about the fittest and she's already being treated like a has-been, why is she staying to die with the rest of them when she should be finding a new path for herself?

3.    [+15, -3] Mina has a pretty face but a choking body... so she was never popular. Imagine if Mina's face was on Seolhyun's body, she'd be really popular. Her body always looks like a kid to me...

4.    [+14, -0] Weren't they over after ChoA left? With Seolhyun's skills and popularity, I'd take that to another agency, why stay in AOA?

5.    [+11, -1] Looks like Seolhyun's going to have to feed the other four again.

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