BTS’s heat reaches North Korea via smuggled USBs !

BTS’s popularity across the world is mind-blowing as it is limitless, and North Korea is no exception.

According to Daily NK, an online newspaper that reports issues and news related to North Korea, two USB flash drives carrying South Korean media content have been found at a former soldier’s family home in Yang Kang Province in the beginning of last month. One of the USBs had BTS songs, while the other one contained some K-dramas.

The source stated that the people involved were arrested at the scene and taken to a detention center while awaiting trial.

North Korea is known for its extreme censorship, as it has full control over all sorts of media with a severe surveillance of the usual ways of communication, and it places major ban rules on any kind of content that does not line up with the country’s ideology, such is the case of the various means of entertainment, especially K-pop and K-dramas.


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