BigHit Decides to change TXT's official fan club name



BigHit announced on the 25th April their rookie group’s official fandom name as to be “Young Ones”. After asking for fans’ submissions to decide for a name for their fandom.

And according to their official release on their fan café, the meaning behind “Young One” is that “they were nothing but now they are one” starting from zero and remaining together forever.

But not long after, some fans pointed out that the name chosen is already used by SNSD’s Tiffany Young. As the latter artist announced it on one of her concerts last year.

Some fans were really angry about the topic, and took that as a disrespectful act towards Tiffany, saying “Big Hit robbed a 12-yr senior.”



But others tried to mannerly call out for other fans to ask Big Hit to change TXT’s fan club name and explain that it means a lot to the fellow artist Tiffany Young, as she has chosen carefully and thoughtfully.

After realizing the situation, Big Hit announced a withdrawal of “Young Ones” as TXT’s fan club name on the fan café today the 6th May 2019.

Saying that “it has come to our attention that the name is currently being used by the fandom and fan club of other artists.”

They added, “At this time, we decided to revise TOMORROW X TOGHETER’s official fan club name.”

Also, they explained that they are planning to carefully check the fans’ name submissions this time, as that they don’t make the same mistake twice.


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