ASTRO's world tour "Star Light" has come to an end



ASTRO have just concluded their world tour on April 27.

The boy group’s world tour titled “ASTRO Star Light” started on March 16 in Taiwan and it expanded to the United States, Hong Kong, and lastly in Bangkok, where the final show took place.

As part of their setlist, the group performed a mix of all the songs they have released so far. Some of the members commented on their last concert:

“Our show with you has come to an end. Every moment was so special and everything was possible
because we were with our AROHA”

“We had so much good energy from you guys. I had so much fun”

ASTRO debuted on February 2016 with the title song “Hide & Seek” and with that, they held a showcase where they announced their official fanclub name “AROHA” which means “ASTRO Hearts All Fans”.

Members MJ, JinJin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha are under FANTAGIO Entertainment, which is the company that houses Weki Meki, and former idol group Hello Venus.

As of now, ASTRO released a total of seven mini albums and one full album in Korea, and one mini album in Japan, with a total of eight singles, each one of them was released with a music video.



The last release before the group’s world tour was their Japanese mini album “VENUS,” which served as their official debut in Japan. The mini album features three original Japanese tracks as well as three Japanese remakes of their Korean singles “Baby”, “Always You”, and “All Night”.

ASTRO have been nominated for various awards, and they have won the “Rookie of the Year” award from the 2016 SBS Power FM Cultwo Show Awards.

In 2017, the boy group won Asia Artist Awards’ “New Wave” and “Popularity” awards and also won the “Hallyu Special” award at Seoul Music Awards.



Fans cannot wait for their upcoming comeback. How about you?


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